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Welcome to the Queensland Working Sheepdog Association Inc. (QWSDAI)

Our association is dedicated to the art and sport of sheepdog trialing, where skilled handlers and their highly trained Border Collies or Kelpies work together to navigate three sheep through a designated course.


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Welcome to the Queensland Working Sheepdog Association Inc

Our skilled handlers and their highly trained dogs strive to achieve precision, efficiency, and control to earn a score out of 100 points. Join us in celebrating the remarkable partnership between handler and sheepdog, showcasing their talents and the heritage of sheepdog trialing.

The Queensland Working Sheepdog Association was started to promote the Working Sheep Dog and its work to the general public and amongst sheep breeders. The QWSDAI aims to encourage and develop a high standard of working sheep dog (Border Collies and Kelpies) and to help promote, encourage and assist the running of sheepdog trials, including 3 Sheep ( arena), Utility, Yard and Short course trials.

Since the early days of colonization of Australia the sheepdog has played a prominent part in the pastoral industry. These remarkable dogs whose ancestors came to Australia from the Collie bloodlines of Scotland continue to be an important member of any team where sheep are farmed in a cost effective operation.

The sport of sheepdog Trials first got underway in this country in 1870 at Forbes in the western district of New South Wales and is a popular hobby today both for the primary producer who have their dogs for work and recreation and to the sheepdog enthusiast who pursues this sport for pleasure and to keep alive the tradition of the bush.

The complex judging process that today decides the winners through a marked course of three obstacles being a gap, bridge and pen remain as it was 140 years ago with some small refinements.

Through the various Trial Committees the QWSDAI conducts 23 trials across southern Queensland from January to November. Today Queensland boasts an average of 200 runs per trial which makes it an extremely grueling competition attracting many top handlers and their very clever and well trained dogs. Our sport is an excellent medium to promote and advertise a living Australian Icon.

Check out the latest Competition Results

Discover the latest results from our exciting and highly competitive sheepdog trials! The Queensland Working Sheepdog Association Inc. (QWSDAI) proudly conducts trials across southern Queensland from January to November, maintaining the traditional judging process that has been refined over 140 years. Top handlers and their expertly trained dogs, make each event a thrilling showcase of skill and teamwork. Stay updated on the standings and celebrate the achievements of these incredible teams by visiting our Results Page. Don’t miss out on the action—see who emerged victorious in the most recent trials and follow your favourite handlers and dogs throughout the season!